Friday, October 19, 2007

Rural Road Trip to visit daughter

Old school house
Former chicken house factory

World's only main street well

War memorial

Bigheart Oklahoma


Original 66

Frank Lloyd Wright's Price Tower

Frank Phillip's home

Beautiful weeping willow. You should have seen this shining and blowing in the wind!

Beautiful house my son wanted to buy! (someday?)

High School

College daughter attends (last year!! woohoo!!)

Playing Possum

Sorry the pictures are so grainy, I had to hurry and flash through a window. This little cat food bandit ate all the cat food and walked over to the water bowl for a drink. Leisurely. He has become a regular visitor. I wondered where my cat's food was going so fast. We no longer have a dog to run possums off. The cats won't do it, they will just sit by and watch them eat. I hate to say it but isn't that the ugliest creature? Looks like it's ear has been chewed on too.

Haiku Friday

Haiku Friday

Kitty is asleep
So innocently she lies
Such a deception