Saturday, January 26, 2008

Blast from the Past-Mode-o-Day

Here's a post of something of a past I lived through.  Does anyone remember
Mod-o-Day or Mode-o-Day stores?  I don't know if there are still any around,
maybe in California or Colorado?  When I was young, my mother took us to
another bigger town to shop in that seemed to have every store you could possibly
want, or so I thought.  This was in the 60's and 70's mind you!  This little town
now no longer has a one of these wonderful stores.  The town was booming
back then with oil production and cattle ranchers.  This was the town that
Ree lives not too far from.  Now Ree never shopped here when she was young,
she lived in a much bigger town east of this one.  With golf courses.  But actually
this little town had a very nice golf course too.  I would imagine that MM's 
mother shopped in these little stores though, just like we did.  I couldn't wait
for Saturdays to come around and we could go to shop.  There was a J.C. Penneys,
C.R. Anthony's, TG&Y, (kinda like a Target back then) Montgomery Ward, (I think
this was mostly a catalog place but it always made me think of tires!) and lastly this
wonderful new store called Mod'o'Days.  It was so cool and modern.  I was pre-teen
and finally found some clothes that fit me.  They actually had sizes like 1, 3, 5, etc.
I always had trouble finding small enough sizes.  Most clothes in J. C. Penneys were
labeled S, M, L.  I had to still shop in the children's department to find a fit.  Mod'o'Days
had the new modern styles of California.  Some things seemed a little outrageous for
Oklahoma but it was a fun store.  I found clothes that fit (size 1 back then was a little big
for me, finally they came out with 0's).  I found style!  So great.  Another wonderful
part of this trip was going to the drugstore and getting Dr. Pepper's and ice cream.
This was a time when streets were safe and life was much slower paced.  We had
the time of our lives in this small town.  I still love it.  Memories are good!