Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Because I'm a Copy "Cat"

Call me a copy "cat" but I found this so funny on Bossy's blog today that I just had to try it.
Of course, the real person we are copying is HER.
I decided to show you my dance moves wearing my 
lovely new Hunter boots.  I would like to call this
my "first-and-a-half position" but sweet Minne-sota
wanted to come closer to my side.

Now this is my "second-no-fourth position" move.
Notice Marsipan is not as big as a cow.

Now I like to call this my "battlement frappes" position.
Notice I said "I like to" not that it is really.  Notice Marsipan
has spun around for a quick "glissade."

Minne is quite enthralled that I am in this position.
I will call it "focus on the cat plie." Not to be confused
with the "cow pile."

I entertain Minne with a "grand plie" and she does a
"ronds de jambe a terre".  Please take note that "terre"
means "earth."

To be good in ballet it helps to be flexible.
That is why I am wearing rubber boots.
Flexible moves.  Minne looks a little
irritated.  I wonder why?

Hobbes is working on the "cow pie scratch."  He has
got that move down.  

Now just to pick and choose, "which pie do I want?"
Preferably the drier ones work best.  "Plie, anyone?"

The cows hear me laughing.
Pas de deux...

They come for a closer look.
Oh, that might be my zoom lens.

The "rest" of the cows are resting. 

Flowers in her hair

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

My first attempt came up snapdragon:  meaning I am mischievous and love to make people laugh.  Which is true.  But I went back to get the quote about the snapdragon and couldn't find it so I re-took the test with the same exact answers and they told me I was a sunflower.  Here is the quote about the sunflower:  "When your friends think smile, they think of you.  There is not a day that goes by that you can't find something good about the world and your fellow human."  Now I love this quote because I could only hope that people would say or think that about me.  My blog name being "God put a smile upon my face" hopefully makes you think of me when you think of smile.  I try my best to find the good in everything.  I have to, I can't live any other way but to do this.  Life is too short and would be too sad without looking for the positive and good in it.  I have a poster above my work desk that is Ziggy running with a net full of stars.  It says:  "Capture all the joys life has to offer."  That is my motto.  
Now I will have to thank Sandy for having this little test on her blog.  Thank you, Sandy!