Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Our trip to Dover, Arkansas was successful. We used our Chalet Alpine rv for the first time. We stayed four nights without too many problems. Since this was our first trip we had to get used to the camper. Hauling it was no problem, we were able to haul it and the four-wheeler trailer hooked together with our Toyota Tundra. We could run 70 and 75 miles ph easily. The first and second night our furnace came on and several times we would hear a beeping sound. My husband finally figured out the 12v wire needed to be hooked up so the spark igniter could work properly. The freezer worked great. Things were so cold in the refrig part that the milk partially froze. I had to turn it down. All our meat stayed frozen solid in the freezer. We didn't try out the shower because the campground had a shower and bathroom to use. Our air bed was great but we have decided to get a regular mattress because we will never use the table under the bed. We'll just dedicate that space to the bed full time. We had our flat-screen tv and dvd player that we bought for the rv. We got an off-air antenna that worked great picking up 9 channels with HD even. The only thing I cooked this time was waffles for breakfast. We ate a packed lunch every day out in the woods on the trails. Every evening after trail-riding we would get cleaned up and go into Russelville and find new places to dine. The weather was beautiful. It was pretty cool every morning and would warm up to about 60 degrees. We did not get rained on except the first night and that was while we were sleeping. We rode the Moccasin Gap trails every day. There were four couples all together. Two couples stayed in cabins and two of us stayed in RV's or toy haulers. It was a great trip.