Saturday, August 14, 2010

Long Time No See

I have been away so long.  I'm on Facebook practically every day but I haven't found the energy or time to look at blogs lately.  Can you believe I don't read The Pioneer Woman's blog anymore?  I used to check it religiously but now I  can't find the time.  I see her posts on Facebook sometimes and wander over if I feel like it but I have just not been interested in spending that much time on the computer.  Except I manage to give FB a quick check several times a day if I'm home.  It's just easier I guess.  I still have everyone on my google reader and perhaps will get the urge to read blogs again.  But it does take a lot of time and before you know it you haven't gotten anything done that you need to do. 

I have a new development in my life.  My granddaughter's dad has gone to work for my husband and he brings the baby over to me five days a week.  Now do you see what I've been doing with my time?  I am enjoying every minute.  I can't think of a more important thing to get to do.  She is on a list for the daycare at the hospital where her mother works but until she gets placed she is at my daycare.  And I'm good!  No one is going to take better care of this baby.  I'm certain of it. :))