Thursday, November 29, 2007


Don't you just love scanners? And Ziggy?

Hot Pink Beauty Berries!

I found this on Robin's blog and I decided to try the "15 words or less" poem.
This photo came from Laura.
Here is my entry for 15 words or less poem:

All hot and pink
What do I think?
You must be all
poisonous and stink.

I have a cactus plant that puts out a sort of beautiful bloom every year 
that I will find a picture of to show.  It is called a "dead meat" flower.
Its name says it all.  The first time I saw it, first I smelled it. I was 
walking by and wondered, "What is that dead smell?"  Then I saw
the flower, all pretty and pink and big.  A closer inspection revealed
the foul smell.  I looked up information on it and a cactus flower like this
smells bad to attract flies from miles around.  I have had several of these
flowers through the years and I sadly must break them off and take them
outside to attract flies there instead of inside my house!
I found a similar picture on the internet but my flower is much prettier
than this.

Don't Try This at Home! or on the Highway!

I went to visit my son yesterday at college.  It is about an hour drive, so I get on the turnpike.  The speed limit is 75 so I speed up to 80 mph to get past a few drivers and get in the clear.  After about 10 miles I hear a noisy car coming so I move over to the right lane to let them go by.  Instead of driving by, they seem to stay right beside me so I use my peripheal vision to glance over, thinking that is what they want me to do is to look at them.  I notice the driver's leg is out of his window and resting on the mirror.  I decide to speed up and keep away from them.  I look back in my rear view mirror and they are still in the passing lane cruising along with their foot on the outside mirror.  I am comtemplating the rest of the drive with them beside me and thinking how I wish they were not there for me to think about.  So......and this is the reason you should not drive with your leg outside of the car!!!  Good advice too.  I notice suddenly the little car is not in the lane anymore.  It is bouncing around on top of the grass in the center median!  The center median is made with a high spot in the middle (probably to discourage driving on it and to divert the oncoming traffic).  There that car is bouncing around in the center and with me viewing it backwards it is a crazy sight!  They managed to stay in the median and not turn over and they finally stopped.  I didn't stop because I was several miles ahead of them now and I could tell they didn't actually wreck.  But as I topped a hill, who did I meet?  (I had already slowed down to speed limit.)  A highway patrol.  Oh my gosh, just when you needed one?  What do you think they told the patrol man?  Oh, I was driving with my leg out the window and I lost control.  Would you give me a ticket?  :D  I think that young man might have learned his lesson for the day.  DO NOT DRIVE WITH YOUR LEG OUT THE WINDOW!!  It may be fun for awhile, but statistics are against you.  I felt so sorry for them though and certainly did not want their car to have a wreck just so they wouldn't be driving next to me all the way....