Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof? No, Cat in a Bread Box!

I took the lid off and she just jumped right in there 'cause
she's curious like that.  She was laying down completely
and I could have put the lid on, until I went to get the camera.
Yes, I purchased my Italian Spode bread box.  I bought it
off  Ebay, it was brand new though and came in its original
box unopened.  Kissa thinks everything is for her.  Every
box that comes in the mail is inspected for quality.  Our 
outdoor kitty Minny came running in the front door the
other day and walked past Kissa and growled at her.  But
Kissa decided she was mad as hell and wasn't gonna take it
anymore!  Kissa hunkered down like a panther, flattened 
out her body, and ran after Minny, pounced on her.  They
rolled around for a few seconds and Minny headed for the
front door which I opened and zoomed out.  Kissa looked 
rather pleased to have taken care of business.  I could only