Saturday, March 1, 2008

Prayer Request

I would like to ask for your prayers and thoughts for my nephew's little boy, Dallas.  He fell into a swimming pool last night and he is in intensive care.  His mom preformed CPR and they life-flighted him to the hospital.  They have him heavily sedated to prevent him from pulling out his tubes and are running CT tests.  He is going to be two years in June.  The latest I've heard is he did open his eyes about 1 hour ago and reach out his arm to his mom.  That's good.  His oxygen was on about 50% and they decreased it to 40%.  They are drying out his lungs.  Please pray that his brain doesn't swell and anything other good thing that you can think of to pray.  Also his two eight year old twin sisters saw this happen, please pray for their counseling.  I will update when I hear anymore this afternoon.  Thank you.  
I just talked to his uncle who was at the hospital.  It is about 8 pm.  They said his brain CT looked good and they hope to get him off the oxygen tomorrow.  So keep praying please.  He still needs to be watched for 72 hours for brain swelling.  Thank you for the prayers and I thank God for hearing and answering them.