Tuesday, June 17, 2008

For Tammie

Summer breeze

Fun Monday-The Wall

So sorry I'm late with this Fun Monday. We were without internet
most of yesterday. This week's host was Jan at The Prytz Family.  We are
supposed to show our walls and what's on them.  I am only going to
show you my bedroom wall for now.  I have artwork on most every
available wall.  I am currently changing some art on my living room
walls.  I'm not about change.  I could keep something like it is for
years, just ask my kids.  Anyway, here are bedroom photos for your

This photo is the view from my bed every morning.  The
picture on the left is artist George Bates.  The middle is
Yuri Dvornik with a Paris scene.  The right is "The Girl
with the Pearl Earring" by Johannes Vermeer.  I love 
Dutch paintings.
This is above my dresser.  I collect wooden shoes.  I love
Monet.  This is called "View of Tuileries Gardens."  
Behind the bed are more pictures.  Of course, the building
of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.  Other various farm scenes
I picked up at Arts and Crafts fairs of local artists.

Below these are prints that I picked up on our trip to
Paris.  The one on the bottom right is a very old watercolor
by a Parisean artist in the mid-1900's.

Just another view:
Another Monet print:  Red boats at Argenteuil 1875

Final view of room below
Sorry for being late.