Thursday, July 24, 2008

What I've Been Up To...

Whatever have I been doing with myself?
I work at home for my husband's business.
We are self-employed. I am the paper-work
queen.  Office goddess, if you prefer.  I do.  Hee hee.
That means I type all the invoices on the computer and
send out statements to customers.  I pay all bills for the
business and payroll for employees.  I do payroll reports
and any other nasty little report that comes along.  I have
a good program called "Quick Books" that I really like and
have been familar with for several years.  This keeps me
semi-occupied.  Now three children in college these 
past few years has kept me otherwise occupied.  All good.
As I have mentioned before, the oldest daughter has graduated
college and got her RN license and is working and living
in the nearest big city to me. (About 45 minutes away.)
My latest project which I have been enjoying is to sew
my daughter's some curtains for their new apartment
bedroom windows.  I started on my youngest daughter's
first and it turns out that she didn't like the green material
at all.  So guess where these beauties are now?  In my office/
extra bedroom.  I don't mind, I enjoyed the sewing.  I know
you're going to think that the brown/green kind of clashes
with those hot pink walls but hey! what the hay?  I enjoy
anything that I create, no matter what!  Those walls will
be transformed someday, just not yet.  I guess I can see
why she didn't like the green, but I'll try again.  This time
she is picking out the material, duh?  I should have known
Now for those of you discriminating minds that were 
absolutely fascinated with that picture of me on the wall,
here is a closer shot.  This is a artist drawing of me.  When
we went to Paris in 2000, we were in the Montmarte 
area and artists on the street everywhere want to draw
your picture for a fee of course.  They practically insist.
As you might notice, I am not smiling in this picture, 
because another artist was drawing my daughter and I
was watching and waiting while another persistant artist
kept insisting that he draw me.  One artist started drawing
my eye (and he did a very good job) but I kept saying,"no,
thank you."  He finally got mad and walked a short distance
away watching.  Another artist came up and started drawing
me and I decided to let him.  But I was not smiling at the
time 'cause I could see the other artist staring daggers at
me.  If looks could kill.  So I paid for my drawing to him
and for my daughter's to another artist.  He did capture
me pretty well even though I was not smiling.  I look very
serious.  But after all I am glad I bought it.  Also, if you look
at the above photo, on the left of it you will see a photo
that I took of my flower and I framed it.  I just happened
to have a frame already that it fit into.  Now notice that
it matches my brown and green curtains.  There!  Makes
it all coorindinate, doesn't it?  I'm sharp like that!  hee hee
This is another project that took a bit of our time last
week.  We purchased a 2008 Toyota Tundra Crew Max
for my husband to drive for his business.  We feel like
we got a really good deal.  He is taking it tomorrow to get
the front windows tinted.  He has ordered running boards
and a tonto cover for the bed.  We are getting the bed spray-
lined too.  He has to haul parts for his business in it.  We
plan on taking this jewel on vacation to Yellowstone Park
next year.  The four door crew cab has tons of seating room.
It's much bigger than a car.  We will be taking all three kids
with us too.  Our luggage can go in the bed of the pickup
under the tonto cover.  Last year we rented a SUV for
our trip to Colorado.  This time we can save that expense.