Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Chris Martin

I know these are very sad camera phone photos and video but at least I got them!  We were sitting in Section 104, Row P, aisle seats 1, 2, and 3.  I was in seat 1 next to the steps.  We were happy with these seats even though they were distant from the stage.  Near the end of the concert, the ushers roped off our aisle with crime scene tape.  Then the ushers stood guard while Coldplay continued playing.  I thought to myself that someone had gotten sick and they were going to carry them out.  But then we realized that Coldplay was going to walk up the steps right next to us.  After that song they did.  I got a short video of the band walking past us with people screaming, of course!  I reached out and patted Chris Martin on the shoulder.  My daughter touched him too.  He was the last band member to walk up.  He was wearing a cream colored thermal shirt.  Very sweaty.  :D  
Then the band stood above our section and played three songs.  It was amazing.  This was the best concert ever.