Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Will Ferrel raps!

If you can get past the singing, at the very end, he has a staring contest with a ram that is worth watching. I am sorry for the language of the rap songs. Ree is having a photo naming contest with two bulls. I think the line "You don't even blink, do you?" would be good for it.

My Cowboy

Isn't he cute? Destined to be a guitar player. I met my cowboy honey when we were in high school, even though we went to gradeschool and junior high at the same school. He is two years older than me, so I started noticing him in high school. I looked at him from a distance for a couple of years and then he graduated. Later, he noticed me because I used to walk down the county road that he drove to pick up his singer friend. He used to give me a ride when I was walking to work at the nursing home in town. He finally asked me on a date the summer before my senior year. After that we were inseparable. The picture below is my senior prom. He asked me to marry him the next year after I graduated. Of course I said "yes". How could I resist a hot guitar player? :)))