Friday, May 30, 2008

Dad's House

My brothers and I went to Dad's house yesterday.
Time to empty out the possessions of a lifetime.
My brothers found many treasures of their childhood.
Fishing rods, guns, tools, nuts and bolts of an electrician's trade.
I found several treasures in my Dad's little shed.
Things you would not expect to find. Memories of a
time past forever. I cannot quite explain how bittersweet
it is to go through someone's stuff and take what you want
and have to leave some. You feel like taking every little thing
he ever touched. As if that will bring him back. I found some
surprising things that he had kept for 40-plus years. Items of
no consequence to anyone but him...and me. Old business cards with
old phone numbers where he had worked when I was a baby.
I touch these things and remember him. It brings tears to me
right now but it will bring mostly pleasure in the future as I
look at these tiny pieces of my Dad and remember his life.
We sold his house.  He loved the outdoors.  I took a few rocks
and petrified wood and cactuses that were in his flower bed.
His cat was there.  Waiting for him.  

He lived in Texas.

Here he is doing a crossword puzzle.

These are my memories that I took.  The little table was
from his bedroom.  The water can from his shed.  

The big safety pin for his army duffle bag that he had in
Germany.  I remember playing with it as a child.  Why did 
he save it?  The wooden ruler, broken.  These are things
I wanted.  I played with it too.  The business card of the
Continental Baking Company that he worked for when
we kids were little.  He had a little notebook full of little
old cards he kept.  Why?  I mean this was after moving
several times in his life.  This last move was only for two

We sold his pickup a few months ago.  A friend who is a 
car dealer went to the auction to pick it up for us and 
sell it.  All emotional stuff.  

Still I have a lifetime of memories of him.  I got a couple
of his western, snap-front shirts, a couple of his books, (he
loved to read) his boot-jack, and one of his hats.  Simple,
ordinary things.  I'm happy to have them.  

Gilligan's Island

Here is an unaired original pilot of Gilligan's Island with a few
different characters.