Thursday, April 30, 2009

This Little Girl of Mine

Lola Abigail

Once upon a time there was a little girl...

These beautiful girls gave her a baby shower. On the left is her sister and on the right is her best friend.

She opened presents:

Here is my mother.  The baby's great-grandmother.  

Do they grow up and does time fly? Yes, indeed!  Please remember to enjoy life and all your loved ones.  

Little Sahara

We will be headed to Little Sahara this week-end to play with our new dune buggy.  Our son will be going with us.  We've got a house located right next to the dunes rented.  We can ride right from the house to the dunes.  It is really fun to ride at night with twinkle lights on top.

I made the little black vinyl top for the buggy.  It snaps on and off.  It will be a great help with the sun.  
We'll be taking one of our four-wheelers too.  

Here's a short clip of Little Sahara:

And here is a trail video of four-wheelers: