Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sooners Lose to Mountaineers

Oklahoma Sooners lose to West Virginia Mountaineers at the Fiesta Bowl.  48-28.  But I must say that West Virginia wanted to win very badly and played great.  Oklahoma didn't seem to show up.  They were better after the second half but the Mountaineers were too fast.  

My husband went to bed before the end of the game, probably the last two or three minutes.  So this morning before he was leaving for work and said goodbye to me I said to him, "oh you missed it, Oklahoma won!"  He said increduously, "They did?!"  I said, "No," while laughing.  He said, "You planned that all night, didn't you?"  I said, "No, I just thought of it."  And I did.  Sorry.  I don't usually do that but I couldn't resist.  I guess I could have just said, "Oh you missed it."
Pun intended!