Thursday, November 1, 2007


I began last year looking for some kind of forum or discussion board for women. My husband has joined several guitar forums and discussion boards and has met many people both here and internationally. They discuss guitars, amps, music, and life in general. He buys, sells, and trades pedals, guitars, and amps. He enjoys this pasttime very much. So I thought one day I would look around to see what was available to my interests such as sewing, music, and cooking. I could not find any discussion groups or forums! I did not know a thing about blogging. I had heard the word "blog" but didn't know what it meant. I tried out a myspace page but it was not what I wanted so I deleted it. My kids did not think it was cool for their mom to have a myspace and it wasn't any fun for me either. The only part I liked was the ability to post pictures and to write a blog. That was last year. In August this year, I read an article in the newspaper about "Confessions of a Pioneer Woman". I went to the computer and looked her up and began to read. It was so interesting. I read every day and caught myself up. I really was enjoying this. I began to notice the comments of some people were highlighted and if you clicked on their name, you could go to their blog. I was amazed at how fun this was getting to be. I read several people's blogs and began to think "why don't I do this" or rather "how do I do this?" So I asked Janet "How do you do this?" She very nicely gave me some help and I started a blog on blogspot immediately. I am still learning some new things and I expect eventually I will get some help to modify my blog and make it more "me" but this is how I began blogging. I am finding it a wonderful outlet for expression. Posting pictures and writing my feelings and interests down is liberating. I am so glad I found blogging. I hope to continue many years.