Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dear Frankie

I watched this movie two nights ago.  It is filmed in Scotland.
It is about a single mom and her 9 year old son.  She moves
her son and her mom to Glasgow.  They have moved a lot.  At
first I didn't understand the mother's actions.  Frankie is the boy
and he is deaf/mute.  He writes letters to his dad who is away
on a ship and apparently has been for years.  He receives letters
from his dad too.  As the movie progresses you begin to get
a clearer picture of the situation and it is very touching.  By the
end you find out that Frankie had more of a grasp on what was
taking place than what he was given credit for.  The setting is
in Scotland but the movie was not very scenic.  For this reason
I would give it about 3-1/2 stars on a scale of 0-5.  It was worth
watching  (probably just renting).  

Anyway, I was reading Laura's blog and she and her husband
are going to Scotland soon by themselves and asked for
recommendations of movies or books.