Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ree Drummond-The Pioneer Woman Cookbook

I got to meet Ree at her cookbook signing in Tulsa on Friday.
She was a lot of fun to meet and listen to her talking to others as I
waited. I got to the store first and could have been first in line
but I decided to shop the little store and bought my grandbaby
some cute onesie's. One was a pink Cain's ballroom and the
other was a "I love (heart) Tulsa." I found a very cute purse that
was handmade. I will post a photo soon. It was made out of an
old linen tablecloth, very vintage. I know no one else will ever have
another one like it. I also bought a small Uglydoll. Big toe.
I'm about ten people back from the front of the line.
We all got to watch MM carry in boxes of books. He
didn't have his hat on and he looks even finer in real
life. Forgive me, but I'm much older than both of them!
I had pre-ordered one cookbook from Amazon but
I bought another to give as a gift.

And here I am posing with Ree. She was so very nice
and it was so fun to talk with her. I told her I would
like to go to the Pawhuska signing but I had tickets for
Dracula (the ballet). She said she would have liked to
gone to that. I also mentioned that I had never read a blog
before hers and that was when I started blogging two years
ago. I told her that I had met Swampy and of course she
knew her also. I had a very fine day! I left there and went
to Utica Square and shopped in Williams Sonoma. And
even better, I took home Asian Grilled Salmon from PF Chang's.
I honestly cannot get enough of it. I wish I could eat it every