Thursday, October 4, 2007


Yesterday was Caleb's 17th birthday. He is the one with red hair. This was taken several years ago in our backyard. These cousins had great fun together and they still do. I love this picture. The boy on the left is Daniel. He and Caleb are my brother Kenny's sons. That's my son John in the middle. Daniel and John are now 21 years old. Daniel is the youth leader and youth music leader at his church. My brother Kenny is the pastor. Caleb plays the drums for the music team.

Isn't Green Beautiful?

It has been a beautiful day here. I finally got my work done and went outside to snap some pictures. When I was young, I did not enjoy all the seasons like I do now. I was mainly interested in spring and summer. The rainy days made me depressed. I guess it's that syndrome. But now, I appreciate every day no matter the weather. It's all good. It's all subject to change. Every season passes in 3 months or so and a new one appears. Just like life. The picture of moss I call "Grandma Moss." Not because that's the name, but because it came from my grandma's yard. I have kept it alive over 26 years or so. I love it. It reminds me of my grandma Lola. She loved flowers and cactuses. She grew poppies in her garden. I'll post a picture sometime of her. Isn't it tremendous the things that remind you of someone you love?

Sisters, does it get any better than this?

Of course, there is brother in some of these pictures too. They do grow up!!!

Cobalt blue in my window

Cobalt blue is the most mesmerizing color in the world. I collect these blue bottles when I can. Seeing the light reflect on them gives me a happy feeling. It's almost as good as the color green. Coming later today, a post about family resemblances...