Monday, April 13, 2009

Fun Monday

Jil at The Adventures of Lil Mouse is the hostess this week.  "Today’s Fun Monday Topic: Strange Dreams. Do you have any dreams, particularly recurrent ones that you feel no one else has? Or, just tell us about an odd dream you had as a kid."

I have a recurring dream that probably other folks have had but it is indeed strange to me.  I will be looking for a bathroom and I am usually in a big old mansion and the bathrooms are very weird.  They are also very disgusting and dirty and overflowing.  But the weirdest bathrooms are not really toilets. They will be chairs and not have any plumbing.  I sit on these chairs and think "how can I go on a chair?" And they are never private.  Somebody always comes and interrupts me and I can never go!  It's hilarious since it's only a dream but it wouldn't be if it were real life.  I also carry this dream to many other buildings too.  There will be schools and hotels and shopping malls.  Public bathrooms with tons of toilets (all crappy)  and open to everyone with no doors.  I search and I search and no one helps me and I think I've finally found a private spot, but no!  The ones without plumbing are the worst!  Can you imagine?  I hope not.

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