Saturday, February 9, 2008

Spunky the Wonder Dog, Smelly Saga...

I always had such hopes and dreams of Spunky wearing
this little sweater as he trotted down the highway to 
town every day.  But apparently Spunky had hopes and
dreams that did not include wearing a sweater.  He shed
this sweater in his doghouse before leaving for work
one happy day.

You can see that Spunky appears to be most ashamed and
humiliated to be seen in these stripes.  I thought it fit 
perfectly and left plenty of room for his hobby of marking
all tires, all bushes, and anything that dared to stand still.

Since I relayed this tale on Ree's site recently, I thought
I better finish it here. 

Spunky loved to roll around in anything dead he could 
find.  So his habit of trapsing into town every day gave
him plenty of opportunity to find roadkill and such lovely
items to drench his body with.  One day, he must have found
a super stinky find to roll in.  When he arrived at my husband's
shop he greeted the guys with joy and a special odour.  After
staying there several hours, the guys had all they could take.
They sent Spunky out of the shop with orders to go home.
Spunky, being the very social dog, decides to head across the
highway to main street.  He enjoyed exploring the alleys and
quite possibly the sidewalks.  I never got to witness this too
many times but this day I did.  I just happened to be going to
the bank drive-thru and I am sitting there.  A bank clerk looks
out and sees Spunky and says, "Isn't that your dog?"  I look and
yes there is Spunky checking out the garbage and some stray
cats in the alley.  I laugh and say, "Yes, that is."  So I finish my
business and drive out the alley from the bank.  I stop and say
hi to Spunky and he begins to follow my van.  I turn down main
street and park at the Dollar Store.  Spunky is right there happy
to see me uptown.  I go into the store and begin to shop.  Shortly
thereafter, someone opens the door and in runs Spunky.  I forgot
to mention that I had talked to my husband at lunch and he had
told me how they had run Spunky out of the shop that day because
of his stench.  So I knew he stunk.  stank?  Well, anyway, Spunky
comes running down the aisles until he gets to me.  He is so happy!
I turn quickly and walk to another aisle because here come the
store clerks chasing Spunky.  I pretend that I don't know who
this dog belongs to.  Not mine!  They are laughing and they have
to grab his collar to get him out of the store.  Now they are 
talking about who he might belong to.  I slowly exit the store,
not buying anything.  Spunky is waiting for me.  I get in my 
van and drive down main street with Spunky walking right
behind my van down the middle of main street.  Whose dog
is that?  Could this be a clue?  Spunky had many adventures
and I will continue in the future.  He was full of spunk!