Monday, November 26, 2007

My Wish

This would be my wish for my three children. :D

Fun Monday

Fun Monday is being hosted this week by the terrific Blue Momma, who asked to see our unfinished projects (with pictures). Ha, you couldn't see them without pictures, now could you?

My first unfinished project is scrapbooking. I have bought the material but never got started. My daughter makes scrapbooks all the time for presents. She is good at it. I have a small project to do for my anniversary next year. I will be adding these cute little musical instruments to it. I need to find a rockin' guitar (Les Paul or Fender Stratocaster or even a Telecastor). I wonder if they make an acoustic guitar or a Paul Reed Smith? :D

The next project is to learn to draw and watercolor. I have always wanted to learn. I am thinking of taking a course so I can seriously learn next year. Notice I say "next year"?

My quilt, my quilt, my lovely, lovely quilt (think Alanis Morrisette). No, don't really think about her. I started this quilt about two years (give or take) but I never finished the binding on it. I haven't had the desire for some reason to do it. The binding has got me bound! I really need to finish it. I want to take it to someone and have them do it. That may be my answer.

My kitty has a nice new bed to sleep on now that Thanksgiving is over. I bought this bed for my daughter's room for she and her sister to sleep on while they were home. Now the kitty has it all to herself. She's happy except a little annoyed that I am putting this quilt on it to take a picture. She preferred the other quilt. :D

If you look at the above picture you can see the unfinished edges of the quilt.

Do you like the toile? I am a toile lover. Any color.

Next week Robinella will be hosting Fun Monday. Today check out Blue Momma for more Fun Monday unfinished projects.