Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ride Like the Wind?

My very own four-wheeler. This is what I have been doing this past week. Learning to drive my four-wheeler.  I bought a green Honda Saturday.  We are going to take our four-wheelers to Arkansas next month with a few couples.  Our pastor has dubbed us the "Scorpions."  They decided to make tee shirts for us to wear.  We went last year to Mena.  This year we are going to Daisy State Park near Kirby, Arkansas.  We have some cabins reserved.  We are so looking forward to getting away with our friends.  We'll be trail riding and going out to eat at nights.  We had a great time last year except I didn't drive my own, I rode on the back with my husband.  We went on some very advanced rider trails.  We shouldn't have but we did make it through without getting hurt.  This time I will be driving my own Honda so we won't be doing anything advanced.  I am a complete novice.  That is why I am practicing these next few weeks.  I certainly don't want to get injured.  That would not be fun!  They say practice makes perfect, but my band director always said perfect practice makes perfect!  I had every confidence in my husband's driving abilities.  Now I am trying to build my confidence in my own.  

This is some of the most fun I have had in years!  White water rafting was the most fun I ever had in 2007.  Last year four-wheeling was the best.  My grown children probably wonder what mom and dad are doing now that they are gone!  We're having fun!  

Here is a little sample of my progress!  This hill doesn't look very high on the video but it was daunting to me at first.  And it is higher than it looks.  It's probably 20 feet tall.  I brought my tripod out for this shoot.  (ha ha)

Untitled from Junebug57 on Vimeo.

Ride like the wind!!