Monday, September 1, 2008

The Office

For those of you who might like to see the view from my home office.
Here is what I look at while working. This computer is not online.
I like to keep the sun and the moon and the stars around for
company and light.
My three beauties below:  treasures they are!
My little Ziggy poster.  Capture all the joys life has to 
offer!  So true.

Fun Monday-My Place

Gattina at Writer's Cramp is hostessing Fun Monday this week.  She wants to see a photo of our blogging camp.  My Fun Monday logo was borrowed from Gattina many Mondays ago.  I really thought it is a joyful picture.  
Here's the place:

The computer is located in my daughter's bedroom that
is now a music and computer room.  And a mess!