Monday, October 29, 2007

God put a smile upon my face

Laughter does good like a medicine!

My Bathroom Haven

My bathroom haven from Junebug57 on Vimeo.

Fun Monday

Candid Karina and her lovely little Meez self would like to know what your security blanket is, what you can't leave home without, and we're not talking about Mastercard.

Ok. You see these sunglasses? I can't leave home without them, not at all, have to, absolutely have to have them, even in the shade I still get glare. Ever since I had lasik eye surgery, my eyes have drastically needed protection from the sun. Sometimes I have had to put two pairs on when I am driving into the sun, I just can't find a pair dark enough. I need some illegal shades, do they make them? I also need my lipstick. It is Clinque Black Honey at the moment. Must have it. And where would I be without my purse? I'd be at home with it. Seriously. If I have to narrow it down, my wallet might suffice, but I would be feeling deprived.