Tuesday, April 22, 2008

World Vision

Yesterday when posting Fun Monday I thought about another thing I forgot to mention.  I have been sponsoring a child from Chile through World Vision for several years now.  We have sponsored him since he was three and now he is seven years old.  Just this year I sponsored a girl from Uganda.  She is seven years old.  World Vision is a wonderful organization.  They help people all over the world.  I have been blessed and very happy to read reports of my children's progress.  I receive letters from them and hear about their families.  I hope to continue to sponsor these children for many years.  I want to hear some day that they have completed school and go on to college if that's what they want.  World Vision also helps their communities.  It is a worthy cause.  I can't post pictures of the children but I would so like to.  They are beautiful and healthy too.  

Edit:  I just received a letter from my girl's family in Uganda.  I had sent them some extra money and they were able to build three bedrooms on to their house.  They only had two rooms in the whole house before.  Awesome!  They have 5 children and the pictures show them smiling.  They are also buying some pigs.  The father wrote me a letter for his daughter.  She colored me a picture.  It's so great.  I would encourage anyone who can to sponsor a child.  The money really does go to the child and their family.