Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Andy Griffith

We actually watched this for our Sunday School class. It was a study on temptation. I love these shows. Can you believe they have made Sunday School material out of these?

Spunky the Wonder Dog, More Saga...

Now for the continuation of the saga, where did we leave off?  Ah, yes, the pitter patter of his paws...
Spunky had an unusual habit.  This habit began years ago.  
Spunky started his habit of going to work every day.  After my husband left for work, off Spunky would go (on his own four legs).  Sometimes early, sometimes a little later.  He would walk two miles down the highway to town.  He usually walked in the ditch.  I am sure he had a little rut worn after several years.  You can see in the picture above the rut he had made in our back yard.  He went to work winter, spring, summer, and fall.  (All you'd have to do is call) :D
He started showing up at the shop in town and he would be so happy to be there.  Some one would open the door and in he would go.  This was a machine shop, pretty dirty with oilfield grease, so no problem for Spunky to be inside.  In the spring, summer, and fall the doors would be opened up anyway.  Spunky was in hog heaven.  They kept a cat at the shop, so he had cat food to eat, could follow hubby around, watch the action going on, go outside, stand in the highway, and keep busy pacing back and forth.  (He was like a small soldier-like I said before think "Hitler").  This dog never kept still unless he was asleep.  After a hard day at work, Spunky would walk home and plenty of times my husband gave him a ride in the bed of his pickup.  He would tell Spunky to get in and even though he had short legs, he could jump high.  Spunky's next escapade involved rolling.........to be continued.  The first post about Spunky can be found here.