Saturday, November 10, 2007

Brother and Sister and the Tallest Man on Earth

These pictures were taken several years ago at Ripley's Believe It or Not in Branson, Missouri.

Spunky the Wonder Dog

My friend Donna suggested I write about my dog Spunky after I made a comment on her blog.
First, I must backtrack and tell you about the previous dogs we have owned. Our first dog was named Farfo (after the cartoon many years ago). He was a stray that we took in, all in all a pretty good dog. He was with us for several years, I can't really remember his demise.

Farfo and hubby. (If you look over to the left,
you can see the Arkansas River)
Our second dog we bought was a registered Doberman Pinscher. We got him as a pup and went through the process of having his ears and tail cut. He was a good dog, not all that smart but pretty sweet. We lived out in the country. We always have actually. The doberman was named Jasper because he was black. But not too good of a guard dog if you ask me because somebody stole him.

I don't remember what he got into but he sure looks guilty!

He was a fine specimen of a dog!

Next came Molly the border collie. We bought her for the kids. She did not turn out like we thought, not all that bright either. She ended up being given away after she growled at a little neighbor child. She was black also so I thought "Molly" was very fitting. Black Molly, which I think is a very common name for a border collie. But I didn't know that at the time.

Now for Spunky. We got Spunky for our son. His father (Spunky's, not my son's) was a rat terrier and his mother was a cocker spaniel, both full blood. They lived in the same house and got mixed up together creating Spunky and his litter buddies. He was a cutie. We (our son really) decided not to cut his tail. Spunky was very aptly named. You know that cartoon about a dog and a cow. He pretty much looked like that dog to me. Just a fat little white bundle with black spots on his side like a kidney bean. His body was a rat terrier, but his head more like a cocker spaniel (ear wise anyway). We kept him in the house for a short time as a puppy but soon he became the outdoor dog. We have never had a dog living in our house before this.
Spunky could jump so high. We had back and front storm doors just alike. They had glass window half way up. He would jump straight up in the air so he could peer into the house. Boing! Boing! Just like a kangaroo. It's quite a sight to see a little dog jumping up and down like that.
Spunky was quite the popular dog in our town. I think most people (in our town) have seen this dog for he had an unusual habit....
to be continued.....
Yes, I am leaving you hanging....and it reminds me of someone else who leaves us hanging but I don't think Spunky is quite the hiney tingler as that. But you know what? I'm going to pretend to myself that he is...