Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Too Much

     You can never spend too much time with the ones you love.  I remember the times spent with my children so clearly now that they are grown.  There were times we played in the sand.  Times we tinkered with blocks.  We went for walks in the pasture.  Took a fishing pole with us.  Good times we spent swinging on the glider of the swing set singing, "How do you like to go air in the air?  Up in the sky so blue?  I think it is the most delightful thing ever a child could do."  That was only yesterday or so.  We played with Barbies, built Legos and Duplos before that.  We drove our firetruck and hot wheels and tricycles all around the porch.  We sat on the rooftop.  Baked the tasty cookies together.  Swam in the pool on hot sunny days.  Trips were made to the zoo and parks.  With picnics here and there.
     There was bath time, supper time, bedtime, stories to tell, nursing time, rocking time, and days to fill.  There were tears to dry, laughter to share, hearts to hear, and time to listen.  We played dress up and make believe, and forts were built.  In winter we made snowmen and snow ice cream.  In the fall we raked leaves.  But spring and summer were always the best.  Trying to skate with roller blades was difficult for me but I tried.  We played basketball and softball.  Attended a lot of football games and watched a certain cheerleader proudly.  There were parades to watch, proms and dances, contests and competitions.  We drove many miles and shopped many hours.
     Trips made to shop for groceries, time spent reading books aloud, especially enjoying Little House on the Prairie together.  We read the Bible together, prayed together, and attended church together.  We went to many concerts and even won tickets for backstage passes a few times.  We stood in lines to meet our favorite music artists and get their autographs and photos taken with us.
     Time was spent learning to drive.  And taking that driving test.  Whew!  Three graduations from high school and three first time trips to move into colleges.  This mom had the hardest time with that.  Moving them several times through the years since.  All these years and all these joys have never been enough.
     You can never spend too much time with the ones you love.
     You will never look back and say it was too much.