Thursday, November 20, 2008

Recipe for Cornbread dressing or stuffing

I have a request of anyone who reads my blog.  Could you tell me if you have a really good recipe for cornbread stuffing or dressing for Thanksgiving?  I make mine but I would like to know what kind and amount of seasonings that you put in yours?  Do you use eggs?  I usually use a cornbread made from a Jiffy mix because we are used to that and like the sweetness of it.  Then I also would like to know if you stuff the turkey?  or just cook the dressing separate?  I have done both and usually do both so there is plenty of dressing.  Another question is:  do you ever find that the dressing inside the turkey nearest the cavity of the bird is dark like the blood from the turkey? And do you not use that part?  Please answer in my comments and if you have a recipe on your blog already, just tell me.  Thanks.  I just wanted some actual personal input.  

She was Hungry!

We had to fell this pear tree to make room for a new garage building.  I hated to see it go since I planted it, but it was necessary.  Trees are beautiful creations.

She was hungry!

One of my favorite movies of all time.  I used to watch this movie every year and I couldn't wait for it to show again.  I can remember watching this from the age of five and upwards.  Life is so different now.  We used to have to wait for good movies to come on tv, now we're instantly gratified.  I can't say I'd want to do without all the technological advancements, that would mean there wouldn't be an internet, but that slower paced life might be nice once again.

Calvin Kitty thinks my leg is a tree to climb on.  His sister does too.  They are my new babies on the block.  A gift from my brother.