Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Love Lucy

I must admit I do love Lucy.  I always have and always
will.  I grew up watching her shows and re-runs.  She's
a zany gal and I love her.  So I will show you my Lucy
doll.  I have had her for years.  She's never been out
out the box.  

The Vitameatavegamin commercial girl:
So tasty too!  Just like candy!

I have been tagged for a meme by Kitten and someone
not too long ago tagged me for this same meme.  I don't
do well getting my meme's done.  This one is the six or
maybe it was seven random things about me meme.  I 
believe I have done this one before.
1.  I love Lucy.
2.  I like chocolate Ovaltine.  I bought some yesterday
for the first time in years.
3.  I seldom watch tv shows until they become re-runs.
Like "Everybody Loves Raymond", I never watched it
until it was over.  Now, unfortunately, I have seen every
episode.  The same with "King of the Hill."  I am watching
this show now and finding it very funny.  I love Bobby
Hill and Hank.  I can't stand Peggy.
4.  I have watched "America's Next Top Model" a few seasons.
Especially when someone from Oklahoma is a contestant.
5.  I don't know why but I like "The Apprentice."
6.  I watched a few seasons of "Survivor."  Not a big fan of
it though.  I would rather watch "Amazing Race."
7.  I love to watch Martha Stewart.
8.  Here's a bonus:  I love cooking shows, gardening show,
anything about houses, like "Trading Spaces" or construction,
selling, decorating.  

I Love Lucy Vitameatavegamin

The answer to all your problems...