Sunday, March 2, 2008

Update on Dallas

Dallas is still on oxygen at about 35% now and doing better.  He is still being sedated to keep him from pulling out tubes but he responds when someone comes into the room and tries to roll over and get up.  They of course don't want him to do this.  They will still be watching his brain activity and for swelling for the next three to five days but the scans are good.  He did have a bowel movement which is a good sign that organs are functioning properly and they could start him on pediasure (or whatever it's called) in an IV drip.  He had a slight fever so they started him on some powerful antibiotics and his cultures from his lungs have just been growing yeast which is good because the pool water was old from not being open.  They want his lung valve to stay open so it can dry so some drug helps with this.  Just pray that he doesn't get pneumonia and gets off the oxygen soon so he can move more.  He has some edema from the drugs that regulate his blood pressure so hopefully they will be able to decrease this soon.  All in all he is doing miraculously well and we thank you for your continued prayers.  Also pray for all the doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, and technicians that work with him.