Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Oklahoma Treasures

These are not pictures I took, I found them on webshots and wikipedia:
When I get time soon I will run over and take the pictures myself and
post my views.  I am looking for pictures from the 1960's or 70's. 

bartlesville towards pawhuska

Pawhuska, gateway to the Tallgrass Prairie.

I love this town.  So many good memories.
Copy of DSC_0064
The picture below used to be the J.C. Penney store.

The picture below used to be the C.R. Anthony store.

You can see the Triangle Building at the end of this block.
It is a very cool old building.  It divides Kihekah, one way
on either side of it.  

Below is where the TG&Y used to be.  Next to it
on the corner was a nice bank building.  It is pictured
above as the white building with apartments or offices above.

The Tulsa skyline at night.  This is not my picture.

This is a view from Talimina Drive.  Ouachita forest.
We drove this road from Wilburton, Oklahoma going
north and east for several miles.  It was beautiful.  We
accidentally took the road thinking it was a shorter way
home.  Not.  But it turned out the most beautiful drive
that went past Robber's Cave too.  This drive is very
close to Arkansas.