Monday, January 14, 2008

Fun Monday

I didn't know if I would do Fun Monday this week. I need to clean my house thoroughly. I thought I might post a short one about a website that I found that really did help me. It will probably sound silly but I had never seen a blog before Ree's Pioneer Woman. I was feeling very sad after my dad had passed away and it helped me tremendously to read her blog and laugh. I began to realize that blogging might be something I could do too. I checked out some of her reader's blogs like Janet. I asked her a few questions and got started. It was very helpful to me to record my feelings about Dad and now to blog for fun and post pictures that I take. I needed something like this and reading other's blogs has been pure entertainment and even friendship. It's great!

I found that Breathe Right Strips have helped me through four nights better sleeping. I really hate the sticky strip stuck to my nose but they have helped me breathe better through the night and that's all that matters. Maybe they're also good exfoliators! Sure does hurt to peel them off. :D
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