Friday, June 20, 2008

Natasha visits the Dummond Home

Natasha had a lovely visit at the Drummond Home.
She enjoyed riding in the car.
You may have to look closely to find Natasha.
Here she is posing on the steps.
The ladies at the Home were more than glad to visit with
us.  We were very much welcomed.
They were quite delighted with Natasha.  
Let's come inside.  This is the first room off of the entry.
Probably used as a parlor.  Notice the portraits of Fred
and Addie Drummond.  This is a beautifully restored
room.  The wallpapers were so colorful in the Victorian
era.  There is Natasha on the table.
Of course, this was Natasha's favorite room, the children's
playroom on the third floor.
We have more photos to post sometime later.  We enjoyed
our visit immensely.