Friday, February 26, 2010

Chauffeur For a Day

Once Einstein was on his way to deliver a speech to university students. His faithful chauffeur not only drove his car, but was always present amongst the audience during all his speeches. Einstein had delivered this particular speech so many times that his chauffeur had actually memorized it. On that day Einstein, while on his way to the university, said aloud in his car that he felt tired. So his chauffeur suggested that they change places and that while he delivers the speech, Einstein could drive them back home. Their identities wouldn’t be a problem because Einstein wasn’t more than a university professor then and so no one in that university would recognize him. So he agreed but was a little thoughtful about what his chauffeur would do if he was asked any difficult questions by the students, after the speech. However, the speech went well but Einstein’s thought came true. A student came up with a question. Here’s what the chauffeur said “Why, that question’s so simple, that even my chauffeur can answer it.” And so Einstein stood up from the audience and easily answered the question, much to the amazement of the audience.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Absente, mais pas d'esprit

I have been absent from my blog for quite some time. I just have not had a thing to say I suppose. I've been messing with facebook and reading my google reader of blogs but not diligently. Being a grandma takes time. Especially when the daughter is finishing college. She will graduate this spring. We've went through some changes over here at the hacienda. We put new bamboo floors down in the living room, hallway, and bedroom. That took a lot of my time moving furniture and CLEANING and getting rid of unnecessary items. Also cleaning a few closets. We bought some new leather furniture for the living room and that required more moving too. You should have seen my husband and I moving a sofa bed into a distant bedroom. We had to stand it on its end and then turn it around a tight corner and remove the bedroom door for it to fit. I am surprised we made it and no arguments either. Whew!!
I have been making new recipes and eating out occasionally too. We are planning a spring break trip to Arkansas again. This time we will be sleeping in our RV and our friends have toy haulers. We will get to try out our little shower and I do mean little! I don't believe we will use the toilet, don't want to clean that out or be left with any fumes. The campground we are staying out will have showers and bathrooms.
I bought a new laptop for our business computer so I could be portable and the old computer was failing. I got a monster screen 18.4". It's taking some getting used to with the keyboard being so different. I had the most difficult time loading my Quickbooks and importing my old files. I have done this before but this time it seems that everything that could go wrong did. Being on the phone with support team was not the most pleasant experience. I had to have remote access help. After about four hours, it was accomplished.

I will finish with this update. The title of this post reads "Absent, but not minded".