Sunday, July 20, 2008


Very generous or forgiving, esp. toward a rival or someone
less powerful than oneself.
Now in this case I am the less powerful one but I also have
to be the forgiving one.  She always wins!  We play tag and
she wins.  We play hide and seek.  She wins.  I was looking
at her laying on a quilt yesterday and I thought, "What a life
of luxury.  She follows me from room to room and finds a 
suitable, comfortable place to sit and watch or sleep.  She
has every comfort and food that she could hope for.  But I
love her.  It is also very nice to be able to give such a small
creature pleasure.  I can massage her neck and rub her head
and it takes me very little effort.  I wish someone could do that
for me with little effort.  Her fur is so soft and pleasing to me
that is my pleasure.  Ah, the life of the indoor cat!