Monday, November 12, 2007


Ziggy, my all time favorite cartoon.
Isn't he a doll?


Fun Monday

This weeks host is Hootin' Anni

The Fun Monday Game I'm hosting for y'all is this:
30 GIANT STEPS - IN ANY direction. You may have to make a few turns and pivots so you won't run into any walls or such...don't want any injuries today! WARNING: Avoid any obstacles in the way. After the 30 giant steps, Stop! TAKE A PHOTO AND/OR NOTE WHAT YOU'RE SEEING!! Then, take 15 baby steps back. After the 15 baby steps, Stop! TAKE A PHOTO AND/OR NOTE WHAT YOU'RE SEEING.
What you see is what we get!!

Moi: Mother, May I take 30 giant steps forward?
Hootin' Anni: Yes, dear, you may.

This is my living room. And people talk about clutter? I am the queen of clutter.
Note: magazines on floor? extra pillows?

Moi: Mother, May I take 15 baby steps backward?
Hootin' Anni: Yes, yes, yes, dear, you may.

This is my dining room. I have not decorated for Thanksgiving yet. I will be
working on cleaning up my rooms and decorating this week. I can't replace
my tablecloth until the day of Thanksgiving if I want it to be clean. We have
a cat "Kissa" who climbs and lounges on tables. Cat hairs and turkey? Not a
good thing as Martha would say.

Next week's host is the girl who loves green: Karisma
Go on over and sign up. And don't forget to visit other Fun Monday players @ Hootin' Anni