Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My new car

After driving a mini-van for 14 years, I finally got to upgrade to a new car. This one really is an upgrade! A 2007 BMW 328i. All the kids are in college and I don't drive anyone around anymore. It was useful to move kids to college though!! I do miss it occasionally when shopping for groceries, but not that much. This car also was purchased two days before my birthday so I am calling it my birthday present. Now this was not just any birthday, but my 50th. Hard to believe, huh? LOL. It's true, I was born a '57 model, came out in August. My mother gave me the middle name June, not for the month, but after her. She was born in June though. That's why I'm known as Junebug, that's what my dad called me. Anyway, I am happy with my present, just wish my dad were around to see it.

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