Saturday, October 6, 2007

Horses, Caves, White Water, & Family

Who would have thought that the Arkansas River could be so lively? We rafted in May and the water was cold, about 50 degrees. We had wet suits on, but after beginning the trip, it all seemed fine. Our guide instructed us exactly what to do and when to do it and we obeyed!!! She told us we were good too. Ha ha. Just look at us! I had the time of my life. I never laughed so hard, all the way. I'm ready to go again. The water was up that day and we had all Class III's and two Class IV's that day.

This cave was beautiful. I was amazed at the variety of things to see and do in Colorado.

Horse-back riding in the mountains, yes, it was rocky but much fun. We rode for two hours which was a little hard on bottoms that aren't used to riding. I rode horses as a young girl, but only once since I've been married. That's a 32 year span of time.


Nin said...

I love horse riding! I had to stop a year ago, but I really want to try to take it back up again in the next month or so.

Ginger said...

Yes, it's definitely harder on older backsides! LOL! I rode bareback for the first time in my LIFE a few months ago, just one time around the arena, and my legs were killing me for a week!

Beautiful pictures!