Thursday, October 4, 2007

Isn't Green Beautiful?

It has been a beautiful day here. I finally got my work done and went outside to snap some pictures. When I was young, I did not enjoy all the seasons like I do now. I was mainly interested in spring and summer. The rainy days made me depressed. I guess it's that syndrome. But now, I appreciate every day no matter the weather. It's all good. It's all subject to change. Every season passes in 3 months or so and a new one appears. Just like life. The picture of moss I call "Grandma Moss." Not because that's the name, but because it came from my grandma's yard. I have kept it alive over 26 years or so. I love it. It reminds me of my grandma Lola. She loved flowers and cactuses. She grew poppies in her garden. I'll post a picture sometime of her. Isn't it tremendous the things that remind you of someone you love?


Humble Origins said...

...Oh yes, I love green - it's my fav' color! And there's nothing better than to stroll about your flowers remembering how your Grandma loved iris' or how Mother loved roses. Sweet remembrance!
...Thanks for the memory Junebug!
...Peace & blessings...

ashpags said...

Thanks for the comment! Green is beautiful - and so are these pictures. =)