Saturday, October 20, 2007

Road Trip to Wichita

Disclaimer: No one was hurt during this mock terrorist attack in Wichita!
See the camera man on top of the building?

This training demonstration or enactment must have been a big deal in Wichita. My husband goes to this location quite often because of his job and we just happened to see this training going on. We were told they blew up the building and women were screaming on top of the roof waiting to be rescued by helicoptors and firemen.

Thank goodness it was just practice training.
Oklahoma already experienced a real one.

Welcome to Oklahoma! Where the wind comes sweeping down the plain!

Tank farm-black gold, Texas tea
There were hundreds of these.

I wonder if the brown one is chocolate milk?

Refinery-where would we be without them? Certainly not driving gasoline and diesel vehicles.

Stacks and stacks of steam

And just who is responsible for this?

Six mile stretch of long, unwinding road

Silo imploded?

Water tower

Very old house

Old antique store

1902 Bank Building before statehood

I have so many great pictures of this bridge!

Arkansas River

Farm tractor

Arkansas River Bridge


Terri and Bob said...

Terri, good to meet you! I love your photo journal to Wichita. Come see me again!


mjd said...

Hi Junebug,
I saw your comment on Willowtree's site, and I came to see your road trip. What a pleasant surprise to see that there are two trips. I am rather fascinated by bridges.

Junebug said...

Terri: Glad to meet you too. Thanks for visiting.

mjd: Thanks for visiting also. I have more pics as soon as blogger gets over it's downtime or whatever it's doing.

Pamela said...

I think that bank has been robbed in every Western movie I've seen.

Doesn't it look like it's right out of Dodge City, and Marshall Dillon is walkin' tall down the street to get the baddies.

Great bunch of pictures. Even the imploded silo.

Jenni said...

I stopped by to see your Fun Monday entry, but since I couldn't see the T-shirt picture (did you forget to load it or is it me?), I scrolled on down.
Hey! My mom works across the street from the building where they did the terrorist training thing this week! I only know because she called to tell me about it. She works at Kansas Elks Training Center for the Handicapped and there was some concern that some of the clients wouldn't understand and would be frightened.

And hey again! Do you live in Osage Co.? It is beautiful! It's one of my favorite places we've visited in OK. We took dd's Brownie troop to stay at Osage Hills State Park and to visit Woolaroc.

Junebug said...

Pamela: I think this bank's name First State bank probably had to be one of the first.

Jenni: My pictures were down while I was editing them probably. Yes, I live in Osage county, not too far from Woolaroc. I have made many visits there since I was a small child. The guy that my husband visits was there the day the bomb exploded or whatever they did to create the simulation. I have been to Waterman street many times.