Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Will Ferrel raps!

If you can get past the singing, at the very end, he has a staring contest with a ram that is worth watching. I am sorry for the language of the rap songs. Ree is having a photo naming contest with two bulls. I think the line "You don't even blink, do you?" would be good for it.


Kila said...

Can you believe how many comments she got? Insane! I don't know how she'll manage to choose!

Junebug said...

Yes, this time I don't thnk mine was the winner. Ha ha. I read a lot of good ones. Of course, "Bull-headed" was my first thought, but "You blinked" made me laugh the most. I thought of "I will not be moo-ved" but I didn't post that either. It will be a hard decision. She'll probably narrow it down and let us vote again.