Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hot Pink Beauty Berries!

I found this on Robin's blog and I decided to try the "15 words or less" poem.
This photo came from Laura.
Here is my entry for 15 words or less poem:

All hot and pink
What do I think?
You must be all
poisonous and stink.

I have a cactus plant that puts out a sort of beautiful bloom every year 
that I will find a picture of to show.  It is called a "dead meat" flower.
Its name says it all.  The first time I saw it, first I smelled it. I was 
walking by and wondered, "What is that dead smell?"  Then I saw
the flower, all pretty and pink and big.  A closer inspection revealed
the foul smell.  I looked up information on it and a cactus flower like this
smells bad to attract flies from miles around.  I have had several of these
flowers through the years and I sadly must break them off and take them
outside to attract flies there instead of inside my house!
I found a similar picture on the internet but my flower is much prettier
than this.


Vickie said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Looks like we are fellow Oklahomans! May God bless you!!

Sandy said...

So beauty must be in the eye - and nose! - of the beholder, huh?

Great poem.

Rick said...

I've heard of those flowers. And to tell you the truth, I would have no idea why you'd want one around your house.

By the way, Kelly Jean sent me. We' been tagged together.

Junebug said...

Hi Vickie!

Sandy: yes, yes, yes!

Rick: It is a cactus plant that someone gave me and she said they bloom but never told me that they stink!

Rick said...

"This little light of mine.." Amen.

Sneak the plant back to your friend's house and hide it in their attic. With friends like that...

I saw your photo. Do you two ride? Or was that just a pasting motorcylcist sneaking a wave into your photo. I ride a Harley - so just wondering.

PS. Born, educated, and have lived in Oklahoma.

Junebug said...

Rick: Isn't that funny how that guy waved in that picture? We never knew it until later. Ha ha. I don't know who he was, just a friendly passerby. We had a motorcylce once, but not a Harley. We have lots of friends with Harley's. Our neighbor, our friends at church, and a good friend that rode his from California to visit us.

kitten said...

Love the poem! Never heard of that flower.

Pensieve said...

Ah, you were thinkin' along the same lines as me...well, at least where "pink" is concerned (great word to rhyme with, eh?).

Aren't "15 Words..." fun? Fast and pretty easy (thanks for letting me know you did one, too) :).