Friday, November 16, 2007

Housewarming for Juliebug and Tigger too

Housewarming Day for Julie at Another Chance Ranch.
I am giving her six of these chairs to put on her beautiful porch!
I think they will go nicely with her ranch style hacienda.

The party is also for Tiggerlane.
I have chosen this great Francis Francis Expresso maker to warm her house
and her heart. I hope it gives her much pleasure this winter.

This Housewarming Party is hosted by Swampy.
You can head over there to her place to see all the other gifts
being bestowed by other guests.
Let's give a big round of applause for Swampy!


Tiggerlane said...

FANTASTIC gift! We are totally into coffees, and our expresso maker (and our blender) are two items that have broken that we have yet to replace! Thanks!

Pamela said...

hey... I looked at those chairs too for Julie. I DID give porch chairs to Tigger.
The expresso was a great idea, too.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Swampy, this is a fun party.
With the chairs, and wonderful beverages the gals are receiving. I will want to overstay my welcome just hanging out on the porch until they kick me out here. lol

Junebug said...

Tigger: Wouldn't that Francis Francis be wonderful? Sometimes they are on sale, but the price is up there. They come in many colors and stainless steel.

Pamela: I almost picked your chairs.

Ang: I loved both their porches most of all, of course we haven't seen the interior of their houses completely yet. We have a porch in the back yard. I need to spruce it up and get me some chairs!

Shauna said...

Sweet! Both are awesome gifts! ! !

Joy T. said...

Oh my! Both great gifts. I love the color of that espresso machine!

Beckie said...

Those are just perfect gifts!

mjd said...

Very nice gifts, I could go for a little expresso right now.

PearLady said...

ooo, espresso - now they can blog twice as fast! hehehehe

dawn said...

Those are awesome. As I was reading, I was thinking that Pamela gave chairs to Tigger, so it is great you gave some to Julie. I love coffee and have taken to ordering Americanos, two shots expresso fill with water. Great gifts, I would love either, I guess I will have to live vicariously though them. I am anyway, they have new houses.

Julie said...

YEAH!! I was a bit jealous when Tiff got the chairs from Pamela, but now I am happy as can be! Thank you! ;)

It is so nice to see how well everyone "knows" us.

swampy said...

June Bug ! Thanks for coming to the party. What wonderful gifts.
I've seen those chairs some place else...PamelaJamela's maybe?

June Bug...great name. One of our Boxers is named June Bug.