Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I won a contest!!

Look at what I won in a contest. There are pretty Christmas cards and tags.
This lovely prize came from Tamara at TP Designs.
She handmakes these cards and tags. Go check out her site for Christmas!
Thank you very much Tamara.


Walker said...

Hey they are so beautiful! Love the Christmas one. Is that C one of those transparency thingys? How do you get those things on your page? Seems like glue dots are the only thing that works, but then you can see the dots.

BTW, isn't it amazing how those Germans kept records? 1391!! I can't imagine that! When I was searching for my roots, I knew my Germans came from Hungary. I joined an internet list and BOOM, they gave me my heritage back to 1760 or so. Unbelievable. It took, like, one email. I think we could probably go back to Austria or Southern Germany but I haven't done it yet.

Junebug said...

The cards are just in cellophane bags. :D
Thankfully someone has done a lot of research also on my family. I printed off several pages last night. So many people with the same first names, at least there are records of births and deaths and marriages to separate them. I have my great-great grandpa Abraham Kimmel whose first wife died (after many children) went on at the age of 60 to marry my great-great-grandma Fannie Crews who was only 24. They continued to have children (several) one of which was my great-grandmother. What a horrible age difference! His first child was 14 years older than her. My grandmother Hattie had a brother named Abraham who got shot in Elkville, IL when some bank robbers were fleeing the scene. He was sitting on his porch and heard an explosion, went out into the street to see what happened and got shot. That was in 1906.

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

That's great. After Christmas, and the taxes are all paid out, I want to host one. Cause I love the idea. Congrats!

kitten said...

Congrats! They are pretty!