Thursday, November 15, 2007

Spunky the Wonder Dog, the Saga continues...

Here, of course, is Spunky as a little tyke. He didn't stay that way long though.

Here is Spunky, all grown up, happy-go-lucky guy that he was.
Spunky had a touch of the ol' OCD though, had to have things
in their place, especially the cats. He was a control freak, if
they just moved, he was ready to pounce on them. And the
funny thing was, he couldn't wait for them to move so he
could punish this behavior. He was a small dictator, much
like Hitler. Probably in his blood...and bones.

Spunky had quirky little habits. He was rather fond of turtle
soup, minus the soup. He had them "turtles on the half shell"
instead. No box turtle or terrapin was safe in our yard. I have
rescued many a turtle when I could. He would have them down,
cracking them open with his teeth, and carrying them from
place to place, and start the process of crackation. Like my new
word? I would have to take the turtles down the road for a
short trip away from our yard if there was to be any hope of
their survival. If I would just toss them over the fence, Spunky
was on them in a few seconds. He was a master escapee (a
whole other story). So whenever I mowed the grass on my riding
lawn mower, there Spunky would be running up and down in
front of, behind, or beside me. Pacing away, one of his favorite
pasttimes. I think he needed replacement soles on his feet.
He could travel for miles.....and that is another story.... be continued........


Karina said...

Awww, what a cutie Spunky was! And quite the trouble maker huh? I'll be back for more Spunky stories.

By the way, I came by to tell you that I posted the story I "teased" earlier.

KellyJean said...

That is one crazy lookin dog! How fun!

Megs said...

don't forget the time he decided to mark his territory on dad's leg!!