Thursday, November 8, 2007


I have been "chosen"~ er~ tagged by Crown Princess to reveal 7 random things about myself.
1. I wanted be an archaeologist when I was little.
I loved King Tut and the pyramids.
2. I loved "Heidi" when I was little, I so wanted to live
in Switzerland.

3. We celebrated our 30th anniversary on a ship in Alaska.

4. I love Orangina. I got these glasses
at a cafe in Paris. We asked if we could
buy them but the waiter let us take them.

5. I love Paris!!!! We visited Paris in 2000.
This is my daughter, Melissa, and me.

6. I love Switzerland. I would live there if I could.

7. I am part German on my mother's side of the family.
"Kimmel" is the surname. This is a picture of my mother
and me in Heidelberg, Germany in 2000.


Crown Princess said...

Thanks sooo much for the tag response, wow, you have been to soooo many cool places. I hope to be as well traveled as you some day. Thanks again.

Kila said...

Those are great glasses. I liked the buildings in the photo from Germany, also. I'm 100% German, and would love to get over there someday. And to Switzerland, too. I remember Heidi.

Junebug said...

Crown Princess: Thanks for tagging me, I enjoyed thinking about what to write.

Kila: Tracing genealogy is interesting for me. Thank you again for my award. I was gone yesterday and today so I didn't notice it till today.

Walker said...

Love your photos. I'm German on my mother's side, too. Do you know what part of Germany they are from? My mother's family is from the Banat, which is now Hungary.

Pamela said...

Paris, Switzerland, King Tut. You are so much fun.

And you look like you were celebrating your 30th birthday, not anniversary. C'mon..... fess up. here is where I would put a smiley face but I'm jealous so I have to put a ):

Junebug said...

Walker: I will have to go look up how to spell it. The name Abraham Kimmel was passed down many times. My mom's brother was named Abraham Kimmel Heape. He's my Uncle Abe. I will check out the part of Germany and get back with you.

Junebug said...

Pamela: It's really true but since what you said about not telling your age, I think I already failed. Now my weight I don't reveal. I have to admit I was always under 100 lbs. until I was 26, so when I got my driver's license at 16, I said I weighed 120 lbs. because for some reason that is what I wanted to be. So here I am revealing my weight, on my driver's license it says 120 lbs and I have never changed it.

Blue Momma said...

I'm envious of your travels. I really haven't been anywhere outside of the US (Ok, I don't count Canada since I can drive there!), but would love to travel.

Just waiting on a lottery win....

junebug said...

Blue Momma: I was fortunate to get to go to Europe. I would love to go again. My youngest daughter is going in the spring to Italy for 5 weeks to study photography and art. Now doesn't that sound like the best trip ever? I wish I could go too.