Sunday, November 18, 2007

Weekly Winners Sunday Meme

My daughter and her boyfriend at the Flaming Lips Alley Dedication.
They marched in Oklahoma City at night and Wayne of Flaming Lips
walked in his plastic ball. They carried lit tiki torches. There were
about 1000 skeletons. Anyway as many as the fire marshall would allow!
They had a blast! She sent me this picture.

The trees above and below are around our town.
Bradford pears and maples.

I took a trip to T-town.

Utica Square. Where Williams Sonoma is located.
This is the prettiest shopping center in T-town.

They even have phone booths from Great Britain!
These phone booths and these big clocks below are
located all over the square.

Our house from the beginning of the week.
The wind and the weather changed so quickly
that the leaves' colors turned and then began
to fall. The wind blew rather hard one day
and night.

The leaves they are a'changing.

I do love the crunchy sound that walking on fallen
leaves make. My husband raked and burned some
leaves today. See--we live in the country, you can
do that!

Kissa found a new place to lounge and hide.

I thought it was my bathroom haven.
But maybe it is hers now?
You can join this fun group by visiting
Lotus who created it.
We will be posting on Sundays our pictures
that we have taken the week before. There
is also a link in my sidebar. See8


Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

You did great!

Love the photo with the leaves and the kitty sleeping on the shelf.

Thanks for playing! :-)

mountainmama said...

Love the autumn colours, and yes, the kitty in its nook...don't they just love finding places like that?!

Jientje said...

Nice pictures, especially the cat!

Secret Agent Mama said...

I love your Weekly Winners. I especially love that phone booth. Very cool!!

janet said...

nice photos!! love the hiding kitty and the phone booth!

Nin said...

Love the phonebox...but then I'm biased ;o)

hee hee!

Kelly said...

Hey T-town lady. At first I thought,"Wow. What a coincidence. Another t-town." And then I saw your pictures. Utica is pretty. I'm planning a trip there this week!

Hootin'Anni said...

Beautiful autumn foliage around your town!! And the last photo? How sweet. [like the 10c hand towel sign too]

MP said...

My cats LOVE the towels too. Whenever I can't find one I check the bathroom!

MP said... again, thanks for stopping by and making me feel less like an idiot about the angel/guy at the bar..I'm still freaking..I was afraid people would laugh at me. You made my day! I'd love to here the rest of your mom and dad's story,have you already blogged, do you have the link? If not post the story, please!

Carrie said...

I love the Utica Square picture, that tree & sun combo is amazing! Nice pictures.

~Sheryl said...

I love the trees changing pictures, very cool. I have a cat like that too. Sometimes don't you wish you could just curl up someplace warm and off the ground to slee, too?