Friday, December 7, 2007

If I Could Talk to the Animals

Franklin: "I may be saying 'pretty bird' but I'm thinking
'crazy as a loon'.  You give me a mirror and I'm in love. 
Now just how do I get into that cage?"

"Hello, my name is Jasper. I've been lost several years now.
I'm a friendly guy despite my reputation."

"I'm Spunky, yes, I am! You can't do anything without
my approval. I will find you no matter where you go.
I'm hot on your trail, which would have a lot to with a
lovely odour that I've left on your tires. I'm just sharing
the love. Faithfully, every day."

Minnie: "My life is soooo boring! Yawn......"

"Hey, you there with the camera, no press please!
I don't get no respect!"

Calf: "What she doin' mom?"
Mom: "Just smile and she'll go away."

Mr. Bengal: "I know I'm good-looking but I think
you're overdoing it with the camera. I'm not going
to stand here much longer."

Pleicosty:  "God, I love these wafers.  They seem to just
descend from heaven.  I wonder if they're manna?"

Kissa:  "Well, I'm just keeping them company.  You 
know "bad company", ah ah ah!"

Kissa:  "I bet you didn't know I was in here."

Mr. Bengal:  "Can't a man get a little privacy around 

Marzipan:  "So, what do I do now?  Are you
guys laughing?"

Angel:  "I want candy." 

Marzipan:  "Thanks for blocking that sun from my 

Hobbes:  "I'm innocent as can be."

Minnie:  "Well, if you're not going to rub my belly, then
just what are you out here for?"

Possum:  "Every night, the same old food.  Nobody knows
the trouble I've seen.  Why I once even got my ear bit 
off! And why is she always tapping on that darn glass?"

Chip:  'Well, we both know I'm cute, but I tell you sister
I can bite the crap out of you."

Hippy:  "Oh, the bother of being so beautiful....they say
I'm bootylicious. Look out Britney!" 

Gory:  "Let's see, 555-5555, yeah, that's sounds about 
right.  Why didn't I write that number down?"

Fauna:  "If I don't look, she can't see me.  That flash
reminds me of headlights.  I just freeze up!"

Cardin:  "Red is my color."

Mona:  "Are you lookin' at me, pal?" 

Tiny:  "Stop that!  Wait, don't go!"

Sam:  "Oot-fray oops-lay.  Follow your nose...wherever
it goes."

Cocky:  "I'm from the land down under."

Leo:  "Don't make me come back there!"

Gerry:  "I could've had a v8."
"Sweet dreams are made of this.  Who am I to disagree?"

Bongo:  "Dont fence me in!"   

Manny:  "I'm a little peaved."

Peater:  "If you've got it, flaunt it"  

Scruffy:  "I got my hair cut a little shorter than I wanted."

Ebert:  "Where's Siskel when you need him?"

Herd:  "We play."

Hobbes:  "Where's that sound coming from?
Oh, it's just you."


lisa's chaos said...

Ebert looks like a lhasa. I have two lhasas. :)

Love the balancing kitty on the blue ball too. There's a lot of nice photos there I just have a short memory. :)

Junebug said...

Ebert the squirrel is from Colorado. Is that what a lhasa is?

Junebug said...

Oh the dog! That's a shitzu. :D

Sandy said...

Dogs - squirrels. Somedays there's no

Great post. Thanks for a lovely little break in my day.

Robin said...

Hmmm, you're channeling animals? Or is that kinda visa versa?

Funny, no matter what you call it :).


kitten said...

Beautiful animals! Love the cats. At first before I strooled down I thought that a cat was named possum. My brother has a cat named possum. Did you know that cats have narcolepsy? They do. That's why they can nap so much. I think its neat. I guess because my mom named my nick name kitten and I have it. So, I guess I really do live up to my name. LOL!

Pamela said...

that was a lot of downloading pictures!!!